We are all born individual unique miraculous creative artistic if you have an art
project in need of financing ....KICKSTARTER is the worlds largest funding platform for creative projects.

I love IDEACROSSING for organizing your  business model and connecting with needed mentors and professionals, it all starts with the big idea.

STARTUP and STARTUPS.CO.UK are great places to start your entrepreneurial education.
The top ten videos every entrepreneur should watch from the most amazing resource of INC.

Living in Iowa gives you access to many wonderful resources.....I enjoy MYENTRE along with DREAMBIGGROWHERE.

IOWA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT is a good place to find information on the rules and regulations of starting a new business in Iowa.

IOWA LIFE CHANGING and the University entrepreneurial centers, ENTERPRISE. contain valuable information.

RENEWRURALIOWA  and AGRICULTURAL entrepreneurs can find much needed guidiance here.